Ferland has charisma to burn and has been ordered by the

courts to stop doing it in public. He’s terribly beautiful, a

terrible driver, and a terribel sepller. He has the face of a

songbird and the singing voice of a locksmith. He is not

the surgeon he claims to be but that shouldn’t dissuade

you from going through with the procedure (as long as you

sign the safety waiver). Yes, there’s an unfortunate tattoo

of a cobra that runs the length of his body but, to be fair,

it distracts the eye from his actual body which has the

muscle tone of someone in their hundreds. He’s unreliable,

toothless, dizzy, probably dangerous and clearly hasn’t paid

his “About Me” writers. If you have nothing to lose, hire him

to write for your project. Just don’t work for him.


I got rid of the third person and now I’m writing in the first person. I wrote, directed and edited a 10 part comic web-series called Pirate Birthday Party about a family during a 14 year old’s ill-fated birthday party. I directed and helped produce

 a 5 episode video-on-demand pilot project calledWompy’s World of Musical Play with songs and puppets for toddlers. I wrote, directed and edited a rite of passage documentary called Tending Fires which screened at the Green Mountain Film Festival, The Lake Placid Film Forum and the Tri-State Film Festival. I’ve made music videos -- including one called Invisible Friends for the Grammy-winning engineer Dean Jones and the band Dog on Fleas. I made two short comic movies (CSA: Huguenot Street Farm andCSA: Huguenot Street Farm – The Sequel“) that were Second Place and First Place winners in the Water Street Market Film Festival 2008 and 2010 in New Paltz.  I’ve written two feature films that have been produced – Bereft (for Showtime) was a finalist for the 2006 PEN Center USA Literary Award. Simple Things was a finalist in the 2007 International Family Film Festival. I occasionally make promotional videos for websites, businesses and events. Contact me if you want me to make one for you.


Lately I’ve been writing scripts for children’s television shows. Curious George, Arthur, Molly of Denali, and a few others. I’ve written children’s books for Heinneman’s leveled literacy Fountas and PinnelI Classroom series. I’ve had humor pieces on McSweeney’s including their Best Of Humor Anthology (Created In Darkness By Troubled Americans) published by Knopf in 2004.  I was a writers' assistant for 96 episodes of “Frasier” the Emmy award winning sitcom. I’ve been a leader of wilderness immersion programs for children ages 8-14 with Wild Earth Wilderness School in the Hudson Valley and an arts educator for video, animation and play writing for area schools for 5th-8th grades.  I’m Vermont-born and raised, schooled in New York City and Plainfield, I worked in Hollywood, and I’m currently being raised by my family in New Paltz, NY.